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JJ's Home from home?

End wage slavery

Had enough of being a wage slave? Or perhaps the train broke down just one time too many or you were late home again? Once upon a time a career was for life, no more! And of course nobody ever says thank you for a job well done

So you want to start a home based business? Yeah, of course you do.

Then read on... or jump straight to Getting Started.

Best Advice

For world wide advice on the internet go for Make your site sell!

One very successful Aloe Vera business now in Spain!.

How about

Write an e-book for fun and profit.

Starting a internet business.

Escape the rat race

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Picture courtesy JoJaffaMany of us have a two hour commute. Two hours there, two hours back. What a way to waste of life! And what does your partner think about that? Maybe you have children, what then?

Hmmm, that's the time to worry - sleepless nights, early mornings and late evenings carrying a crying baby around or looking after the children. Then get in the car and drive for two hours? Then do a days work? And then drive home for two hours?

Oh man, you had to be joking! That spells danger not just for you but everyone else who uses the same motorway!

What if the company you work for got sold and who knows whats going to happen to your job let alone career.

It times like this that you might take the plunge and decided to build a home business. Imagine your life:

You are sitting in the garden enjoying the warm summer weather, eating the croissants you've just popped out to buy, sipping hot coffee. You're relaxed, its warm, your partner is with you, life feels wonderful and harmonious.

Two doors slam in the house next to you. The front door first, then the car door. Then you hear the splutter of a tired car starting up. Suddenly it all stops. The car door opens again, you hear the sound of muted cursing and the rush of footsteps. The front door opens, a few moments later it slams shut. The car door slams shut. The car hurtles and screeches out of its parking space. The traffic hoots.

You look at you watch, it's 9am, your neighbour is late for work!

Later you go into work - when the morning rush has slowed down. You walk all the way to work. It takes you about 1 minute. (You work from home). You sit down at your desk and you start work. You do what you want to do and you do what makes you the money to give you the lifestyle you love. At lunchtime you stop working.

You walk home (another 1 minute). You eat lunch with your partner or friends and family and then you go out in the afternoon. Perhaps you'll go shopping when the shelves are full and the checkouts are empty. You can park right by the front of the store because everyone else is at work.

In the afternoon, you go for a swim, 30 minutes at the gym or hit some golf balls. Finishes just in time to pick up the kids from school and bring them home.

A few hours rolling around on the floor with your children before you read them a good night story and put them to bed. You get to be a part of their lives - not just a visitor.

Now for another couple hours of work. Finish at 9.30pm and take the rest of the evening off.

Have you ever read a job description like this? No, well of course not. No job exists like this. This is the life of a successful home worker. Someone who works for him or her self.

Do you know the saying - if you carry on doing what you've been doing, you'll carry on getting what you've been getting? Well, if you carry on applying for different jobs, you'll carry on getting the same problems and frustrations? Is that what you want? Or is there a better way? Yes, there definitely is. But only if you are willing to go for it.

Tell us what got you interested in working from home.

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JJ's Home

Getting started

You know, all sorts of people are building successful home businesses. If you went and asked all the people in your road you'd find at least one excited person with a budding home based income. Picture courtesy JoJaffa

Lots of parents (mothers and fathers) are sick of missing out on the best years of their children's lives and are choosing to work from home. Some of these people are professionally trained and some are not. Some don't have an exam result to their name. Others have worked at home all their lives or come from a back ground of engineering and manufacturing industry. For an even longer list check out a list of the people who've been a success with Forever Living Products.

The great thing about a home based business is that you don't need to give up your existing job or income. Check here for more advice

The key to success in launching your home venture is to discover why you want to work from home. Perhaps it is to spend more time with your partner, your children or on a favourite activity. Or may be it's just the thrill of working for yourself and taking responsibility for your income and your life's direction. Find the reason that drives you and you'll find the means to do it.

Don't forget that you don't need to learn all about every opportunity before you start, its much more important that you just start.

Working from home has great benefit in terms of flexibility and the a potentially massive saving in commuting time. Both of these valuable benefits can be of great help in enabling less able people to generate incomes from home.

Starting a business from home should not be expensive. If it is, then may be you're going about it the wrong way. The true cost is the time and effort that you put into it.

I want my own home based business - what do I do?

  1. Identify why you want your own home based business - what really drives you.
  2. Find the home based careers and businesses that can give you want you want
  3. go for it (usually starting part time)

Home based business might consist of

  • Become a consultant - see below
  • Become an e-lancer. - see below
  • Become a teleworker - see below
  • Off the shelf home based business opportunities - see below

The interesting thing is that a lot of home based business people do all four! Start thinking about a variety of income streams.

Now you've got this far, there are really only four decision you need to make; what kind of home business do you want, who will help you or train you, when do you start and where do you start?


What kind of home business do you want?The first thing to do is think about what kind of home business or home work you want to do. There are 4 ways in which you could start a home business or work from home: Think about the cost of setting up and also the risk of not generating sufficient amounts in the early days:
  • Consultant: Becoming a consultant costs money only if you choose to advertise. Most consultancy is done by word of mouth or networking anyway, so the opportunities to advertise are very limited. You might want to join your local chamber of commerce, buy a computer and produce some stationery. Allow a maximum of £1,000. More and more consultants are advertising on-line. Check our recommended books below.
    Then start your research at
    The Alliance of Business Consultants' site UK based with international links and
    The Internet directory of advisors and consultants - UK and US.
  • e-lancer: Setting up as an e-lancer depends on whether you are going to sell skills or products. To set up a site can costs from £0 to £100,000. Although, you could set up a useful site for less than £5,000. However, most e-lancers are looking to exploit existing opportunities on the net - often via the auction sites. Or they are looking to sell their skills via the Internet on a contract basis. Take a look at the monster site for freelancers and the site for contracts or gigs. Check here if it's an internet business that you want to start. Or for the best internet training head for Corey Rudl's highly recommended private web site.
  • Teleworking: Teleworking tends to be a traditional job transferred to home. Often it involves writing and editing, data entry or computers or telephone work. This route enables you to maintain a steady income, but shift the work place. Therefore it carries least risk, but also has the lowest upside potential. Get your self a copy of the teleworkers handbook from JoJaffa's book section below or check out the European teleworking organisations site. You should be able to find your national organisation from here.
Business OpportunityAn off the shelf home based business opportunities might cost up to £350 to buy some start-up product. Typically these products come with a full money back guarantee so there is no financial risk. Good companies will have a well-developed infrastructure and literature range plus be able to advise you on financial accounts. Check out Forever Living Products and Dorling Kindersley as our favourite two home business opportunities.
Who can help me or who will train me?The biggest challenge in working from home can be the sense of what do I do next? This varies depending on which route you take. Your home business may be something completely new (e-lancer or home business opportunity) or an extension of your career (consultancy or teleworking). Check out some of our excellent books about working on your own. JoJaffa can link you to other people doing the same thing as you and you can swap advice, ideas and experiences. Take a look at home business working mums site and theWork at Home Mothers site. There's also a great advice and support site for Dads too.

With Teleworking and off the shelf opportunities you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Make sure you have a quality organisation to support you and that you have good personnel to help you become successful.

Working as an e-lancer or as a consultant can become very isolating. Make use of your chambers of commerce or industry organisations as a way of gaining knowledge and sharing issues as well as an opportunity to find new business. These are increasing moving on-line. The best way to find you local branch is to key in 'chamber of commerce + yourlocaltownname'. Alternatively, ask your local business link.

The accounts and legality for these businesses is very simple. There are many people who can help you.

Check out the BBC site for business and learning too.

When do I start?You can start a home based business at anytime. The best time to do it is now! There is a massive move to home business (whether it's a Consultancy or an off the shelf home business). The opportunities exist now (who knows how long they will last?). So get going.

Remember also that the people who are most likely to be successful will take massive action over a relatively short period - maybe 6 to 12 months. During this time they continue to work normally and generate an income at the same time. Hence, no risk.

Just remember the more time you put in now, the more you'll get out in the end.

Where do I start?Start by defining your reasons for wanting your own home based business. If you are struggling with this then check out these goal setting tapes and home study courses

Lastly, if all these options have exhausted you, you could always subscribe to Dilbert's cartoon. At least it would take your mind of the job you're doing.

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JJ's Home

Getting more out of....working from home

Subscribe to JoJaffa's free Take Charge newsletter where home business experts spill the beans on how to build a successful home based business.

For a serious start up business check out these sites:

  • Great articles and lots of advice
  • Excellent site for small and growing UK businesses
  • Top US advice site for entrepreneurs and business ventures
  • Excellent news service for small and medium businesses
  • If you have any tips for getting more out of your home business please get in touch.

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    JJ's Home

    Kit and caboodle

    Need a good book, video or more advice? JoJaffa has picked out the best for you. For each book/ video just click on the amazon link find out the price and get more information.

    If you can suggest any good books about working from home, let us know.

    Recommended Reading

    Book : Make Your Site Sell
    by Ken Evoy
    Read this book for the clearest and probably cheapest introduction to building your web based business. As Ken says, what's the point is build the best website in cyberspace if no one knows you're there. Well, here's how you make sure they know you.

    More info from Make Your Site Sell

    Book : Striking it rich
    by Jaclyn Easton
    This book provides an insight into 23 of the most successful Web ventures. The companies selected cover four types of Web-retailing: a physical store that created a Web component; a catalogue moved onto the Web; a business that has only existed online; an online business that reversed into bricks and motar.

    It's just the big boys making money on the web!?! Not at all. Easton's book is the best tonic for the small guys starting out on a zero budget but with the determination and desire to make it happen. Shows that it can be done and richly illustrates how it Capture the opportunity with the line "Be the first, be the best, or be different." Get to see how sites like iPrint, Horsenet, The Knot and Ask the Builder achieve success despite the differences in their site. Very specific data on site creation, costs,

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Book : Jonathan Livingston Seagull
    by Richard Bach, Russell Munson
    This is a story of going further than you ever thought possible, of achieve things you hardly even dared to dream. It is part a story of adventure, freedom and flight as well as a simple and inspirational book. Beautifully illustrated, this work is a parable for achievement.

    An incredible book - it changed my life. Read this book and learn to be limitless. I was given this book as a student and thought it was just a childs story. But when I was finally persuaded to read it I discovered that I couldn't put it down and have read it regularly ever since. It's about how

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Book : Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
    by Stephen R. Covey
    A holistic, integrated and principle-centred approach for becoming powerful and effective in your personal and professional life. According to Steven R. Covey, to live with security and wisdom, and to have the power to take advantages of the opportunities that come your way depend on your ability to develop these 7 habits.

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Book : The Sixty Minute Father
    by Rob Parsons
    Takes only an hour to read (hence the name), this practical book on fatherhood (or rather, parenting) is one that will continually give you value. Essential down-to-earth reading for every parent of any child no matter what their age. Guaranteed to make you want to give up the corporate career (or at the very least re-work your priorities) and spend real time with your children.

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Book : The Teleworking Handbook
    by Imogen Bertin
    The essential guide to setting up and working from home via teleworking. This handbook is full of valuable reference material and help.

    Amazon UKin association with...

    Book : Teleworking in Brief
    by Mike Johnson
    From the people who work exclusively from home to the "portable" manager with no fixed site, the need to communicate is paramount. Mike Johnson's candid appraisal of teleworking looks at the key benefits of working from home.

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Book : First Year in Network Marketing
    by Mark Yarnell, Rene Reid Yarnell, Rene Yarnell
    Overcome your fears, experience success and achieve your dreams! The sub title says it all. This is the hottest and most exciting book on networking marketing. Itís a true picture of the effort that is required for success but also a skillful blue print that will equip you to handle your fears and failures and go on to make a residual income to be proud of.

    Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

    Once you've decided which route you want to take, then you can review any equipment you might need:

    • Home business equipment
      • Electronic equipment
      • Office furniture and supplies
    • Motiviational and inspirational books and tapes
      • Its really important to keep reading inspirational books and listening to motivational tapes. One of the keys to being successful in setting up your home based business is your attitude. Many people will tell you that you can't do it. That's why motivation books and tapes are essential reading - just keep feeding your mind.
    • Advice videos and audio tapes
      • This is a great way to start learning. Watch the videos whilst ironing and listen to the audios whilst driving to work.
    Other things you might need:
    • Time planners and Goal setting programme
      • Goal setting programmes and time planners are one of the most important tools that you can use to make real and radical change in your life. Have you heard the joke 'how do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time?'. Well the same applies to changing your career, it's the little steps that will make the difference. A time planner that combines daily and weekly goals is crucial to your success.

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    JJ's Home

    Spoil yourself

    One of the most valuable things about working from home is that you get to set your own agenda. It takes a little getting used to at first - but you're not accountable to anyone (except your self) so go ahead, give yourself some lee way.

    It might just be that you start work at 10 am, or that you have a regular spot at the local capuccino bar, or may be you just need something a little bigger. Perhaps your motivated to get up in the morning and make your business happen because you've got something really exciting to look forward to. So here's 5 things you could do - set them as a reward when you achieve one of you business goals

    • Hire a jaguar sports car for the weekend
    • Take a break with your partner at a luxury hotel (even drive there in your hired sports car)
    • Take your partner to Venice
    • Take your partner to the best restaurant in town
    • Take a holiday of a lifetime

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