The excitement of
a rampaging and wild adventure.
The adrenalin rush, the blood beating in your brow
your heart pounding in your chest.

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What would be your most wild adventure? What would take you breath away? What would charge you with excitement and create the sheer joy of being alive?

Bungee Jumping
Throw yourself from the highest bridge you can find, placing your faith in the elastic rope attached to your ankles, and enjoy the thrill of your life.

You sit on a chair supported only by a wing in the water, and hang on to rope like a waterskier? What is hydrofoiling? And just how much fun can it be?

With aching guts and a heart that wants to escape your body you are nudged closer and closer to the exit door. One push from behind and you might scream but no one can hear you.

The gale takes a hold of your sails, the mast bends away and you lean out, right out, out and out further until you are bent over backwards. The whole boat shudders with the elemental force of the wind and drives the bows forward, over and above the waves. The acceleration is immense - and your face gets filled with spray.

White Water Rafting
The raft falls away from you down the rapids. You cling on with your feet and you paddle firmly planted in the fast flowing water. Then you hit the wall of white water. It slaps your face and drenches you in a moment. Then your raft lifts you up, out and beyond the peak of swirling water.

Internet Business
Ride the great modern gold rush. Hold your nerve and find a niche to fulfil your financial dreams. But remember the successful business will be the fastest - not necessarily the biggest.

Whoosh! Flatten the skis by bowing you legs, hands forward and chin tucked. Gravity does its work and you shoot down the hill. Turn by shifting weight - watching out for the snowplough coming back up the mountain.

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JoJaffa has plans for a wide range of pages in this subject area. The following are all under development. Have a look and then let us know which you'd like us to focus our attention on. It doesn't have to be something that is on the current list, anything you think you might like to do, or perhaps something you do and are passionate about and you'd like to spread the word and get other people involved. If you can give us any information about it, so much the better.

Car racing
Faster and faster, the screaming engine drives you on and on towards top speed. The next corner races towards you, wait until the last possible moment and stand on the brakes before turning into the bend. The G forces tug and pull as you fight to hold your line.

From the top of the cliff you run towards the edge. You run closer and closer, and wind strengthens and blows back in your face. One leap and you fly - the ground falls beneath your feet, this is what it feels like to be a bird.

Horse Riding
Cling on as the great striding beast gallops faster and faster and faster. As each stride lengthens, the beach pounds past beneath your horse's feet. Sweat beads spill from his mane. Foam forms at his mouth. Nostrils flare and your eyes water with the speed of the wind in your face.

Wait for the moment. The perfect moment. The swell raises you a little and you begin to paddle furiously. The wave lifts you up and you jump up onto the board. Lean to the curling wave and speed down the slope before ending up splashed on the shore in a huddle of white surf water.

Career get away
Feel freedom, exhilaration and joy as you untie the cords that bind you to a life of mediocrity.

Public speaking
There's a moment in a speech, when you realise that everyone is looking at you. Every one is listening to you. That's your moment. The moment of calm and the moment of silence. That precious moment will be your reward.

The expression of sheer joy through human voices. Be solo or part of the a group - either way you'll generate the excitement and danger of live performance.

Tread the boards
The applause. The joyous moment when the curtain falls. The release and pure excitement of a rapturous reception. Yet, within a few hours, you'll be dying to do it all over again.

Zig Ziglar
A mental journey - wild and exciting. Full on and unstoppable. The journey through my own thoughts and fears and concerns. The release and power of such sheer joy.

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