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Adventure Sports

Bungee jumping - Meet fellow bungee jumpers and swap advice (Discuss)

Canoeing - Meet paddlers and share knowledge of the best trips (Discuss)

Hydrofoiling - Meet fellow air junkies and swap advice (Discuss)

Paragliding - Meet fellow thermal junkies and swap advice (Discuss)

Trekking - Catch up with fellow trekkies and swap tips on the best journeys (Discuss)

Skydiving - Meet sky divers and swap jump tips (Discuss)

Sailing - Meet up with crew and skippers and swap advice (Discuss)

Scuba - Find fellow scuba divers and swap info on the best dives (Discuss)

Ski-ing - Meet up with other skiiers and swap favourite apres ski stories (Discuss)

White water rafting - Get advice and help on the ride of a lifetime (Discuss)

Wreck diving - Meet fellow explorers and swap advice on lost ship dives (Discuss)

Take Charge

Career Freedom - Catch up with fellow career escapees and swap tips (Discuss)

Home Business - Advice on build a successful home based business (Discuss)

Internet Business - Advice on starting an online business (Discuss)

UK Property Developer - Making money without risk (Discuss)

Spanish Property Guide - Finding your dream home(Discuss)


Christianity - Share advice, deal with concerns (Discuss)

Exotic Pets - Advice and help on caring for snakes, lizards and spiders (Discuss)

Fitness - Getting fit the easy way - and keeping like that! (Discuss)

Write a book - get the ideas rolling on how to write for fun and profit (Discuss)

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