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Spanish Property Guide to Buying in Spain

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Why....Spanish Property?
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Why....Spanish Property?

What's your thing?

Sun?.....Sea...Sailing...Ski-ing (Yes! Ski-ing - it's available all over Spain from the Pyrennees in the North to the Sierras of the East and South). And then there's the great food, the wine - and lots of mountain hikes....

Good , hey?

Then read on... or jump straight to Getting Started to start hunting for your own Casa Blanca!

Best Advice

For the insider guide to buying property in Spain check out Spanish Property Secrets -- how to find your dream home AND make a great investment

How about

Starting a home business.
Escape the rat race
Start an Internet Business

- well, you've only got one life after all?

Why Spanish Property?

Well... - it's hot for starters!

The sun comes out - and then it stays out, and then after a while, it just stays out some more!

Yes, go on then - be cruel to yourself - check the weather here in Spain - and why not compare it to London while you are at it - or even worse, Edinburgh?

Here you go - these are the links you need:

But you know it isn't just the weather!

There's the outside life too!

If you live in the right locations near Barcelona (Costa Brave), Granada (Costa del Sol) or Valencia (Costa Blanca)) then you can go well as all your beach activities ... all within a couple hours drive

And where in Northern Europe can you do that? Nowhere! And that's why people are beginning to talk about the Spanish coast as the 'New California of Europe' - and it isn't just a joke!

Spanish Property is also very cheap (but going up all the time - so don't delay)

And the lifestyle is just perfect!

Sip cool drinks long into the warm evening....

... watch the sun set over the mountains (Yes, Spain has more moutains per square meter than any other major European country - except Austria and Switzerland)

... enjoy the evening eating a freshly caught fish supper on the beach in the golden evening glow

or... if you like mornings there are the fabulous sun rises

... the abundance of fresh orange juice (near Valencia) or strawberries (Costa del Sol) or wine (Catalonia, North coast - or in fact any coast) that enough yet? Well then, let us give you a few tips and hints to get you started...

Tell us what got you interested in buying in Spain.

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Getting started

Buying property in Spain is about more than just splashing out on a holiday!

Spanish Property has become (and still is becoming) more and more popular, and as a result it is no longer a cheap, throw away, purchase.

Rather, it has become increasingly important to choose your property and area carefully - not least because you don't want to find a mosquito swarm or nightclub next door when you arrive for your summer holidays...

... but also because you need to know that when you come to sell your property you can...

... at the very least...

...get you money back!

Although, most of us would also wish to see an increase in value!

For that is how to 'have your cake and eat it'!

As you sit there on your balcony or terrace enjoying the setting sun, you want to be able to rest in the knowledge that your asset is growing!

As you sit there doing nothing, your net worth gets bigger! Not a bad way to live, eh?

But, NOT ALL SPANISH PROPERTY goes up in price!

As with most things, buying well is the essence to enjoying your property!

If you buy badly, then your dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare. So here are a few rules:

  1. Do your home work - read everything you can and ask everyone's opinion! Don't take anything for granted - we've found in some cases that actual selling prices were 35% lower than asking prices!

    To get started, we recommend you read the excellent Spanish Property Secrets -the insider guide on how to find you dream home AND make a good investment.

    Yes, we would recommend it - we published it! :-)

  2. Figure out how much you can / want to afford.

    With Spanish Property you'll need to find at least a 25% deposit - and then find buying costs of up to 11% of the purchase cost.

    So, you will need to find a chunk of money - be it from your existing property or savings, and it is best to know how much you can borrow before you visit.

  3. Plan to visit at least 2 or 3 regions. Spain is a highly varied country - and don't assume that one region is like another - it is not!

    Make sure you know the country well enough before you buy - it is wise to assume that you'll keep your property for at least 5 to 10 years.

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Getting more out of....buying in Spain

Check out some of these sites:

Si! Spain - free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development

BBC Spanish Language - web site for beginners and more advanced students

Yahoo Spain

Spanish Football Site - all in English and an insight into modern day Spanish passion..,

Spanish Property UK - free advice, newsletter and updates....

Spanish Tourist - the official guide to Spain!

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Kit and caboodle

Need a good book, video or more advice? JoJaffa has picked out the best for you. For each book/ video just click on the amazon link find out the price and get more information.

If you can suggest any good books about buying in Spain, let us know.

Recommended Reading

Book : Spanish Lessons
by Derek Lambert
After a long career as a jet-setting journalist, Derek Lambert decided to settle with his family in a white "casita", on Spain's Mediterranean Costa Blanca. Lambert introduces us to the "real" Spain - a nation of passionate and often contradictory people - as he adapts to his new found home

Amazon UKin association with...Amazon US

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Spoil yourself

How about living in a Spanish castle....

Click here to view...

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