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Write an e-book? Flush with the success and excitement of my first TV interview I've got to tell you - just do it!
By Neil Lewis

Write that e-book and get it published!

One piece of advice I'd add to that is - you can't do it on your own. There is just too much to do. So you need to sit down and think - very hard - about what you want to do, and then find someone or a team (preferably) who can help you achieve your goal.

But let's go back a moment...

.....why write an e-book in the first place?

Well, because writing is invigorating. The more you do it, the more self expressed you become - that at least is what happened to me!

The best part is when some one says *** thanks *** - it's a really great information! Or, they ring you up and ask how they can order it and they speak to you in that tone of deference that says 'Oh, gosh, I'm speaking to the author'!

But there's one thing that beats all that!

.... imagine you are sitting on holiday, or some imagined beautiful place. With your tap top and mobile phone you dial up and download your messages...

.. ping.
......... ping..
............. ping...

.. the orders just flow in!

...and you are miles away, sunning your self, skiing or just soaking up the atmosphere of some exotic place - and all that happens is money keeps filling your pockets!

That's a great reason - writing is truly a FREEDOM - it allows you to travel many places you might not otherwise visit...

So, lets have a look at how you might get started...

  1. Choose the right topic. Find something that you know about deeply, that interests you and that others would value - see JoJaffa's guide on how to write a book Essentially, you want to write a 'how to guide' to advise other people. These are the most successful books on the web - by a long way!
  2. Write, research and interview - including hanging out in discussion groups Find out the questions that people ask about this topic, interview experts and get their opinion and do lots of digging around to get to the core of the topic
  3. Collect photos, quotes and tips as you go Collect everything - you never know where you might use it
  4. Edit and develop a style. Feel free to be friendly and warm - you're human after all
  5. Add the quotes and tips - makes it easier to read
  6. Apply formatting - colour headings etc..
  7. Build an index - makes it easier to promote
  8. Build 'bonus' items - lots of directories add value to your book
  9. Add the pictures - do this last
  10. Convert to a pdf or similar format
Now you're ready to go! You've got an e-book -

All you need now is:
a) to generate orders
b) fulfil the orders and take the money

Sounds simple doesn't it? Okay, here's what you need to do

DECIDE: Do you work with an e-publisher or self publish?

Let's say you decide to work alone. This is what you should do:

  1. Write a direct response site - one that actually sells - that means punchy copy, testimonials, pictures of you etc...
  2. Host the site, buy domain name, build and load up pages
  3. Submit and successfully rank that site, you know the stuff - top 10 positions only please!
  4. Hang out in discussion groups to promote your e-book
  5. Write press releases, e-zine articles and submit - everywhere
  6. Build a means of delivering/ downloading your e-book - just like that!
  7. Write all the welcome letters that surround order fulfillment, and there are a few!
  8. Arrange and connect to a credit card clearance system - that means talking to banks (arrghh!)
  9. Test the whole system from top to bottom
  10. Set up off line order forms for those who want to pay by cheque
Once that's done you'll want to think about:
1. Security of receiving payments
2. Customer service/ support
3. Copy right security of your e-book etc...


In publishing our first e-book, we worked together as a team of 5 people! It surprised us how difficult it is to build a really good fulfillment and clearance system. Equally, getting a site to rank well and sell well is a tough job too - any one can do it, but it might take a while.

So, I'd suggest, before you begin, put your team in place. You may choose to outsource certain parts of the promotional work or you may set up a publishing company to deliver your work of art.

Alternatively, you might prefer to stick to the authoring and bring in a editor/ e-publisher. If so, come and talk to us.

JoJaffa are now ready to accept new manuscripts and take on additional e-authors, so if you feel that this is something you want to do, drop me a line to Neil@JoJaffa,com, I'd be happy to talk it through with you.

Alternatively, if you want to go your own way, read all the advice and info you can - especially my favourite book - Make Your Knowledge Sell for more info about digital books and a free training course

If you've not seen the JoJaffa pages check out: Write a book and Write a novel - how to get the ideas going

Good luck - and remember, an e-book writer can work from any where - the beach, the bed, the bathroom.....


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