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"I think you've lost it mate! Very impressive though!!"
Jamie Munro

"Awesome site! You have managed to cover everything! I am thoroughly impressed and I will definitely visit this site for all my future adventure needs"
Jane, Broadwaybaby

"Great job on the new site. Very informative"
Ruthie Ritter

"JoJaffa introduces you to rafting in a simple, laid-back way. If you have never tried it and are thinking of it, he tells you what to expect, how-tos, and most importantly, why you should give it a try.

He goes into detail about river grading to help you choose how much of an adventure you'll be getting. You can join in discussions, sign up for the newsletter, or send a postcard to a friend. I recommend this page to anyone thinking of getting wet in a raft, having an adventure you never will forget!"
Liia Becker

"I am so thankful that you put this site together. I feel like so many worlds have just opened up to me and with such conveniency. Thank you,thank you."
Ani Hall

"A site for people who like to do nutty things"
Internet Magazine, Essential Viewing, March 2000

"Thanks a lot"
Cindy Jimenez

"Quirky and Wonderful adventure site"
John Childs

"JoJaffa is the site which shows you ways to live a varied, healthy and cultural life...JoJaffa's strong point is it's content - take a look 10/10...just what the doctor ordered"
Air Cadet Central

"The photos on this site will tempt you as they did me. Check it our, and you'll see why"
Brief Me

"Thank you for a great site. I really like the design and information"
Rune Fick Hansen

"Your web site is wonderful... full of useful information"
Krissy Talley

'Go for it' JoJaffa lures gentle, unsuspecting souls into new forms of excitement. Useful tips and advice."
Independent Newspaper, Feb 2000

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