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Free publicity, link swaps and publishing opportunities

JoJaffa is great fun and it's growth and popularity is down to you. This is your chance to influence JoJaffa's courseand to benefit yourself.

Firstly, we want to say a great big thanks to all our contributors and partners who have built JoJaffa so far. We believe that you've really made something valuable and created a web site worth reading. Thanks, it would have been impossible without you.

If you'd like to be a part of the fun and success, then here is what we can do:

Lets become:

    Link Partners - if you have a website

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    • Swap links
    • Offer content/ photos for free links/ publicity
    • Swap ads/ announcements

    Content Partners/ Writers - if you can write a bit

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    • Swap publicity for content
    • Swap free trips and gear for reviews

    e-Authors/ publishers - if you can write (or have written) a lot

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    • Swap publicity for extracts - if you already have a book
    • JoJaffa edits, promotes and sells your book on-line - if you are looking to take your existing book on-line
    • You write, we publish and promote - if you are thinking of writing a book
If you are interested in any of these just email me directly at

You will see a variety of links around JoJaffa's site - that is indicative of our partners.

In particular, the following people have made a major contribution to JoJaffa and we want to thank them personally:

  • Bill - airjunky
  • Simon 'Scuba' Spooner
  • 'Big' Ronnie Bentham
  • Trevor Patterson
  • Jane 'eagle-eye' Rubin
  • 'Bouncing' Dave Domenech
  • Martin 'SkyDiver' Williams
  • Gord 'Trekker' Konantz

Thanks Guys - we appreciate you!


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