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Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Hydrofoiling, Sailing, Scuba, Skiing, Sky Diving, Trekking, White Water Rafting, Wreck Diving and adventure activities

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Bungee jumping - Drop like a stone, then bounce upside down (Chat)

Canoeing - "Paddle hard, paddle harder" (Chat)

Hydrofoiling - What is it? Click and find out (Chat)

Paragliding - Explore the freedom of the skies (Chat)

Skydiving - Jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane (Chat)

Sailing - Skim across the waves (Chat)

Scuba - No need to hold your breath (Chat)

Ski-ing - Hurtle down the slopes (Chat)

Trekking - Walk on the roof of the world(Chat)

White water rafting - the ride of a lifetime (Chat)

Wreck diving - Explore lost ships (Chat)

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JoJaffa has plans for a large number of new adventure sports guides in the coming months, covering everything from ballooning to water skiing and scuba diving in the bahamas. Tell us which catch your interest.

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